Auto-capture events with others

SKIA is a new way to auto-capture events with others. Install the app, invite friends, and watch every minute and every picture from your times together magically reflected in your timeline in real time!

SKIA can capture and reconstruct your story with EVERY user in the world with high-precision, sub-minute accuracy, and in real time, all while maintaining your privacy by not storing where you go or storing explicitly whom you meet.

Connect with anyone to explore your story together

SKIA can compute your story with any user. Connect with anyone to have your timeline populated with media and events that you have in common in real time.

Share your photos and request photos from others

SKIA is aware of every picture that you or your connections take when you are together and tells you about any photos that you may want. Safely share, request, or swap photos with the click of a button.

Organize photos around events and people important to you

SKIA knows about people present for each photo and can distinguish between individual events like no other app. Explore your photos by event or by person.